Loan Settlement services in Dubai are often misinterpreted as the closing of loans. But, they’re two different terms that impact the credit score in different ways. If you can make regular payments to your loan punctually throughout the term of your loan, the account will automatically be closed after the loan has been completed. This information is given to credit rating companies, thereby negatively impacting the credit rating of your score.

However, Loan Settlement Services Dubai such as Global Debt advisory which is the Best Debt Settlement Services can be helpful to those who are unable to pay back loans due to unavoidable circumstances. If this sudden end of a loan is reported to credit agencies, this can hurt scores credit, thereby hindering the borrower’s capacity to obtain approval for loans in the future.

Learn more about the process of the loan settlement, its effect on your credit rating, and more.

Debt Settlement
Debt Settlement


What is the Lending Settlement Work?

  1. The lender can confirm that defaults are caused by an actual cause that is not within the scope of control of the loaned.
  2. When the information is verified after verification, the lender will offer an option to settle the loan one time. The lender will make one payment (lower than the remaining amount) and then write off the penalties and interest. The amount to settle is determined upon evaluating the borrower’s ability to repay the loan and the gravity of the circumstances.
  3. After the debtor makes the payment for loan settlement the lender takes the money off, then closes the account, and declares it “settled” to credit bureaus.

How can I stay clear of loan repayment? What options do you have?

A loan settlement might seem appealing (reduced amount of repayment) however, deciding to accept the offer might not be the best financial choice (negative impact on credit rating). The acceptance of a loan settlement offer is not a viable option.

If you are struggling to pay your loan every month, consider alternatives to financing.

Think about these options before you accept an offer to settle your loan:

  • Make use of your savings and investments
  • Get money from family members and acquaintances
  • Talk to your lender about how you can refinance your loan, decrease the rate of interest or extend the term of repayment
  • Get a personal loan with low interest to pay off the balance in the full amount.

The impact of loan settlement on your Credit Score

If you take the one-time loan settlement and pay the amount of settlement the lender will close the account on the loan and reports your credit report in the form of “settled” to credit bureaus. The settlement account isn’t a usual closing that is a normal closure of the credit account. This is why it is regarded as an adverse event that can reflect badly on your credit behavior. A settled account can easily take off between 75 and 100 points off your credit rating, which makes it challenging to be approved for future loans over the next seven years.