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Free Debt Counselling UAE

We offer free debt counseling services in UAE to assist client who are currently in UAE or outside UAE for loans and credit card overdues in UAE to offer debt management services in UAE and a debt counseling program.

The world is evolving and in this fast life, economic challenges are faced due to change in income levels, spending patterns, good or bad circumstances. SME’s and individuals both may get into a cash crisis situation. Cash crisis situations are faced when payments are more than receipts and credit cards& loan payments are not paid in full.Such debt burden situations need immediate best debt counsellors asthese create many physical and mental hardships like effecting your health, mind, sleep, social and personal relations along with your credit score with Etihad Bureau. 

As a first step, we welcome you for a one-on-one freedebt counseling service with our financial consultants in Dubai UAEwho would understand and analyse your current financial position. Lack of financial education leads to situation of payments being more than receipts and ultimately leads to debt-stricken cash flow. Our well-trained experts from finance background will create your current cash flow, identify the pain areas withan initial assessment of history of your Budget, Bank accounts, Credit cards, loans, expenses and income would be done to assess your current financial position. Our financial consultants will draft your cash flow in a way to keep payments less than receipts, counsel with you and formally negotiate with your banks and other financial institutionsfor helping you to be debt free so that you can live happily.

You will need Debt Counselling Dubai if:

At the end of the debt counselling session, you will feel good knowing that there are options available and that you are not alone.

  • Your cred card limits are utilised fully

  • Situations are out of control

  • No one else will lend you, and

  • it will take much longer to pay back what you owe

     Our debt counsellors will:

  • never judge you or make you feel bad about your situation;

  • always be happy to talk to you, however big or small your problem might be;

  • find ways to manage your debts even if you think you have no spare money; and

  • suggest ways to deal with debts that you might not know about.