Employee Debt Management

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Employee Debt Management Dubai

Happy and contended employees bring more productivity and add more value to the company. Human resource department is often faced with alarming and enquiring calls from external agencies seeking whereabouts of employees. Loan and credit card defaults by employees impacts the credibility of the company as well with the banks and financial institutions.

The productivity losses and financials stress levels of employees due to over indebtedness can be addressed by our employee debt management programs. Once a company has acknowledged the significance of financial health of employees and seek our services, we conduct a one-on-one debt counselling session with your employees as the rule ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t apply. Income levels vary in employees and better income can never be a parameter for better financial health.

Employer are benefitted under this program

  • Improved productivity as employees do not lose time and focus due to collection follow ups

  • Reduced absenteeism of employees at work place

  • Increased employee engagement and morale

  • Alleviates employees seeking salary advances

Employees are benefitted under this program

  • Improved well-being as debts payments is suiting their cash position

  • Improved cash flow to manage living expenses

  • Better financial discipline

  • No stress due to less collection calls