If a consumer fails on the credit card or personal loan payments in the UAE, he or she may ask that the bank or financial institution restructure the loan or credit card payment. Services from Debt Restructuring Companies are used by businesses and individuals to avoid being listed as late payments on their current debt. It entails lowering the interest rate and extending the loan’s payback duration.


Purpose of Restructuring

Determine the reason why you want to restructure your debt. Consider restructuring your loan to a shorter loan term if you want to pay it off more quickly.

Using debt restructuring, you’ll be able to reduce your current debt and also move towards eliminating it. It will be a crucial instrument for you to properly and efficiently pay off your loans. You might be able to reach financial security in your life with the help of a customized debt management plan. Here are the considerations you should weigh when deciding whether to accept or refuse the debt restructuring option.

 Loan Settlement 
 Loan Settlement 
  1. Effect on credit score: Loan restructuring may appear on your credit record as reorganized. But it may not result in a direct drop in your credit score, but creditors may be more cautious when evaluating your repayment ability if you apply for another loan soon.
  2. Cost of borrowing: What is the interest rate on the loan you’re thinking about restructuring? How long has your current loan been active? How much will it cost you to take out a second loan to pay off your first? The answers to these questions might also assist you whether to accept or reject a loan restructure.
  3. Borrowing capacity in the future: If you are planning to take out a loan soon, you may not be able to borrow the amount you need until your income rises or your loan obligation decreases. As a result, only choose the restructuring option from a Loan Settlement Agency if you have a detailed repayment plan in place and are convinced you won’t have a large financing demand over the loan’s prolonged term.
  4. Other liquidable expenditures: Before choosing the restructuring method, see whether you have any low-returning and non-essential investments or assets that you may dispose of to pay off your debt. It might be a smart alternative, specifically if the interest rate on your loan is larger than the expected return on your current investments.


To summarise, debt restructuring has proven to be a breath of fresh air for firms and enterprises looking to grow while meeting financial commitments. If you’re looking for the best debt restructuring in the UAE, go no further than Global Debt Advisory. We make every effort to prioritize our customers’ Loan Settlement issues. In addition, we have strong relationships with leading banks and financial sponsors to meet your financial needs. Other services include debt counseling, employee debt management, and debt consolidation in Dubai. Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer.