Are you having trouble paying off your debts? Maybe you can get benefitted from free debt counseling. At Global Debt Advisory, we provide free debt counselling services and Debt Management Services to clients in the UAE and outside the UAE who have loans or credit cards that are past due. Debt management is a way to get your debt under control through financial planning and budgeting. The goal of a debt management plan is to use these strategies to help you lower your current debt and move toward eliminating it completely.

You can create a debt management plan for yourself or go through credit counseling to help you with your plan. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. Setting up a plan yourself is the simplest way forward, but sometimes it can be helpful to have an outside partner providing help or accountability. We’ll go over what debt counseling is, who can benefit from it, and how to get started in this blog.

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What is Debt Counseling?

Debt counseling is a process in which you work with a professional to create a debt management plan. Making and keeping to a budget, interacting with creditors, and attempting to lower your debt payments are all examples of this. By providing free debt counseling services, our specialists at Global Debt will assist you in developing a strategy that works for your circumstances.


Debt counseling is beneficial to who?

Anyone who is experiencing problems paying off their debts may benefit from debt counseling. This group includes those who are behind on their payments, have high-interest rates, or are in a lot of debt. Our debt counselor can help you recover financial control and lower your debt payments.


How do you begin debt counseling?

As a first step, we invite you to participate in a free one-on-one debt counseling session with one of our financial advisers in Dubai, UAE, who will assess and evaluate your current financial situation. Lack of financial education leads to a scenario where payments exceed receipts, resulting in a debt-ridden cash flow.

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Our finance specialists will build your current cash flow, discover the pain points, and analyze your current financial situation by looking at the history of your budget, bank accounts, credit cards, loans, spending, and income.


Our financial advisors will plan your cash flow in such a manner that payments are less than receipts, advice you, and formally negotiate with your banks and other financial institutions to assist you in becoming debt-free so that you may live happily ever after.


You will feel better knowing that there are solutions accessible and that you are not alone at the end of the debt counseling session. Also, one thing to keep in mind while scheduling a counseling appointment with us is that our counselors will never criticize you or make you feel horrible about your circumstances. We are sure that you will be satisfied like our many other clients and receive the best free debt counseling Dubai at Global Debt Advisory.