Get free debt counselling and advice.


When you're deeply in debt and having difficulty paying your bills, the last thing you want to do is pay for debt-relief advice. As a result, Global debt provides free debt counselling to consumers nationwide. As a non-profit organization, our mission is to provide free debt counselling and low-cost services to individuals and families who need financial control assistance.


We offer the counselling you need to help you decide whether a revised budget, a debt management plan or bankruptcy is the best way to get out of debt. We also provide a wide range of services and tools to help you pay off credit cards, reduce debt, and learn to live a debt-free life.

free debt counselling

Call us today to set up a no-obligation in-person or phone counselling session. Our professional credit counsellors will offer you free debt settlement advice, including budgeting and discussing the best options for rebuilding credit and improving your financial situation.


Why should you seek free debt advice from Global Debt?


We've offered free debt counselling dubai and credit counselling to thousands of people and families just like you for many years. They chose to seek free debt advice from Global debt for a variety of reasons, including:


Experience. Our credit counsellors are certified and professionally trained. They have assisted thousands of people in getting out of debt by providing free debt advice and low-cost debt management plans.


Financial education and materials are provided for free. Our website contains a wealth of educational materials and useful calculators, such as a credit card repayment calculator, that you can use to learn more about money management and debt repayment.


Fees are reasonable. In addition to free debt counseling services, we provide affordable debt management services to help you pay off your debt faster – typically in five years or less. Because we are a non-profit, we can keep our service fees among the lowest in the industry.


Confidentiality. We keep your personal financial information strictly confidential.


Convenience. Our credit counsellors handle everything for you, from free debt advice to help you manage payments to creditors.


What types of free debt advice does the Global debt provide?


When it comes to free advice, what does a credit counsellor do? When you schedule a free debt consultation with one of our credit counsellors, we'll first help you get a full picture of your financial situation. Then we'll give you personalised recommendations to help you pay off your debt and improve your credit. 


Depending on your financial objectives, these may include social service referrals, educational materials, or a debt management plan. At the end of your free debt consultation, you'll know exactly where you stand and what options to pay off your debt. As you can see, we protect you every step of the way, and our debt programme allows you to live your life free of the burden of debt. Being the best free debt advice agencies in Dubai, Global debt will always help you with your need!